"Here tulips bloom as they are told; Unkempt about those hedges blows An English unofficial rose"  Rupert Brooke

About Tulips

Tulip seedling breeder bedabove: English florists' tulips Wendy Akers

The Tulip Society has tradition of growing English Florists' Tulips and to distinguish them from other types we generally refer to tulips within 3 broad groups:

English Florists' Tulips

Dutch Tulips

Species Tulips


  • Breeders, Flames & Feathers

    The English Florists' Tulip is distinguished by flamed and feathered markings caused by Tulip Breaking Virus, highly valued during ...

  • Lily-flowered, Fringed & Parrot

    The Dutch Tulip is available in many forms including; Single Early tulip, Triumph Tulip, Lily-flowered Tulip, Fringed Tulip, Double Tulip, Parrot ...

  • Species, Wild or Botanical

    The Species Tulip or Wild Tulip, sometimes called the Botanical Tulip, is an amazingly diverse group found growing in the wild areas of Europe & Central ...