186th Annual Show Results

Another successful show despite the unusual circumstances!

186th Annual Showabove 186th Annual Show Wrenthorpe Village HallResults of the Tulip Society's 186th Annual Show

This year the 186th Annual Show was held at Wrenthorpe Village Hall. Covid Guidelines allowed six people to gather indoors and the show schedule was cut down to 12 classes instead of the the usual 32. Exhibitors could post, courier or deliver their exhibits for the show to be judged on Sunday 23rd May 2021.

Points Classes
Brook Silver Challenge Cup & Glass Goblet, Most points in Novice classes: Gill Starkey.

Bloom Classes
The James Akers Trophy, Best Feather in Show: Gill Starkey: James Akers.
The Wendy Akers Trophy, Best Flame in Show: Eeva Rumpunen: Lord Stanley.
The Keith Eyre Trophy, Best Breeder Tulip in Show: Lynn Gill: Talisman.
Cochrane of Cults Vase, Best Bloom Classes 23 - 25: Barbara Pickering: Utopia.
The Dudmaston Plate, Best Bloom in Novice Classes 28 - 32: Jules & Dave Hardy: Talisman.
Turner Memorial Trophy, Best Sam Barlow: Eeva Rumpunen: Sam Barlow.
Albert Tear Memorial Trophy, Overall Premier Bloom: Lynn Gill: Talisman.

Open Classes
Class 17 Stages Cup, Pan of 3 stages: one Breeder, one Flamed, one Feathered (6): 1. Teresa Clements (Harrogate): Mercury, Arcadia fl, James Wild fe. 2. Ulf Hansson (Halmstad): Judy Baker, Wakefield fl, Wakefield fe. 3. Maureen Shortland (Spalding): Casius, Casius fl, Casius fe.
Class 18 Silver Plate, Pan of 3 Breeders: one Bizarre, one Bybloemen, one Rose (9): 1. Chris Gill (Southowram): Mercury, Music, Hubert Calvert. 2. Sarah Brooks (Sheffield): Jack Taylor, Talisman, Hubert Calvert. 3. Barbara Pickering (Newmillerdam): James Akers, Wendy Akers, Mabel.
Class 19 Three Flamed (5): 1. Chris Gill: Dr Hardy, Bessie, Wakefield. 2. Lynn Gill (Southowram): Dr Hardy, Bessie, Wakefield. 3. Sarah Brooks: Sir Joseph Paxton, Talisman, Wakefield.
Class 20 Three Feathered (2): 1. Chris Gill: Royal Sovereign, Adonis, Julia Farnese. 2. David Bonser (Craster): James Wild, Adonis, Casius.
Class 21 Pair of Flamed (No entries).
Class 22 Pair of Feathered (No entries).
Class 23 One Breeder (16): 1. Barbara Pickering: Utopia. 2. Teresa Clements: Albert Tear. 3. Ulf Hansson: Sam Barlow.
Class 24 One Flamed (14): 1. Lynn Gill: Lord Frederick Cavendish. 2. Re Mainer (York): Sir Joseph Paxton. 3. John Wainwright (Bedale): James Wild.
Class 25 One Feathered (17): 1. David Bonser: Julia Farnese. 2. Re Mainer: Royal Sovereign. 3. Chris Gill: Royal Sovereign.

Novice Classes
Class 28 Pan of Three One Breeder, one Flamed, one Feathered (6): 1. Gill Starkey (Craster): Lunae, Jack Taylor fl, Julia Farnese fe. 2. Eeva Rumpunen (Halmstad): Juliet, Wakefield fl, Wakefield fe. 3. Emilie Wellfelt (Halmstad): Juliet, Wakefield fl, Julia Farnese fe.
Class 29 One Breeder (17): 1. Jules & Dave Hardy (Omagh): Talisman. 2. Emilie Wellfelt: Mabel. 3. Gill Starkey: Solis.
Class 30 One Flamed (13): 1. Eeva Rumpunen: Lord Stanley. 2. Emilie Wellfelt: Wakefield. 3. Daniel Smith (Bollington): Wakefield.
Class 31 One Feathered (9): 1. Gill Starkey: James Akers. 2. Jules & Dave Hardy: Julia Farnese. 3. Daniel Smith: James Wild.
Class 32 The Gina Roozen Cup, Pan of 3 Breeders: one Bizarre, one Bybloemen , one Rose (4): 1. Eeva Rumpunen: Sam Barlow, Albert Tear, Aonius. 2. Gill Starkey: Lord Stanley, Trefoil Guild, Utopia. 3. Emilie Wellfelt: Sam Barlow, Music, Juliet.